On the Scratch Project Release  

Timestamp: 1:05 – 3:10 

Cameron Ling: "We have a bunch of new merchandise here in front of us. It's a bunch of stuff from the Scratch Project.” 

Meg McDonald: "Listeners will have seen it launched across our channels last night, but Shannon Neale has partnered with Cotton On and designed a range which is really exciting. 
I have seen a few samples around the corridors of the football department recently, but it is hitting shelves on Thursday."  
Cameron Ling: "I heard Shannon talking about how through the Academy, they encourage players to explore other interests.  
It is good to have something else away from football to be working on, and partnering with Cotton On it is really great to see what players do away from football."  
Meg McDonald: "It is also inspired by your generation, from 2007 to 2011." 


On the Best Game They Have Ever Seen  

Timestamp: 8:03  – 10:36 

Meg McDonald: "For a number of reasons I go back to the first ever (AFLW) game here. 
Until that point, I had never really been a lock in any team but I came to the Cats and it was a new team.  
Throughout that pre season I felt like I was in and I was going to be a leader of our backline.  
That was a fundamental shift in how I perceived myself and the influence I could have, then we had 18,000 here for our first ever game.” 
Cameron Ling: "I think back to one of the first times I ever played on Ben Cousins.  
It was one of those games where I was running with him, I limited him and I got on the end of some chains and kicked three goals.
It was that feeling of right, I can stop this guy but I can also hurt him the other way if I am smart with my decisions.  
I also felt like I belonged a little more at the level, so early on in my career."

On Taggers Making a Comeback  

Timestamp: 10:38 – 13:24 

Cameron Ling: "It was always Bomber Thompson's goal as a coach.  

He would show me vision of the really good taggers, like Adam Simpson in his early days doing run with roles and how he stopped certain players, but then also got the ball plenty himself and influenced attacks.  

The first time Bomber gave me a tagging role in a game, it was my second season and I played against Port Adelaide, specifically Josh Francou.  

I was so fixated on just stopping him, I remember holding him off while one of his teammates came and picked up a ground ball that was sitting next to me and took off with it.  

I knew in my mind it wasn't right, and Bomber said no, I'm not having you play like that and he dropped me.  

It's all about how you get the balance between limiting that really good player and joining in the offense.” 

On the AFLW Preseason Standout  

Timestamp: 19:41 – 22:00 

Meg McDonald: "I will give a particular shoutout to Chloe Scheer, who I would say is in the best shape of her career.  
She is just dominating, she is the most naturally gifted footballer I have played with.  
She has got a great kick but then she went into the midfield for a few clearance situations at training, I thought she is going to have a great season.  
The entire team excites me, but I am pumped for Chloe." 

On Playing Against Gary Ablett Jr for the First Time 

Timestamp: 22:16 – 24:14 
Cameron Ling: "I remember at quarter time, that we were down and Chris Scott in his first season to that point, had been calm but strong in his delivery but never gave us a spray.  
That was the first time where Scotty got grumpy, and he had every right to.  
He gave us a little 20 second burst where he basically said that we needed to pull our fingers out, and we got going and ended up winning the game.