On Sydney Swans game from the weekend

Timestamp: 4:44 – 14:20

Cameron Ling: “Against the best team in the competition right now who are on top of the ladder, at quarter time I was feeling very good about the Cats. 

At quarter time I thought that we were so switched on that it might be sustainable for the rest of the game, the style of game that we wanted to play.  

Unfortunately we received a timely reminder of what the absolute best midfield in the competition can do, and the combination of Heeney, Gulden, Warner and Grundy got their game going.”

Meg McDonald: “I came away from the game thinking this is a step in the right direction for the Cats, a solid performance against the best.” 

Cameron Ling: “I felt the same, it feels weird saying it after having such a good lead at quarter time.” 

“I thought hang on, Sydney are the best team by a long way, playing them at home, so the Cats showed some really good signs and competed with them well.” 

On Lawson Humphries

Timestamp: 14:20 – 15:20

Cameron Ling: “One player who hasn’t played a game yet, but I feel like there is one coming in the very near future is Lawson Humphries.” 

“Terrific game again, 28 touches in a really close but he basically sealed the game at the end with defensive efforts and then turning that into attack, with the execution as well is brilliant.” 

Meg McDonald: “We have been talking about his left foot, and he goes and finishes from outside 50 on his right to win the game. 

All reports are that his development is going really well, and his attitude is exactly what you need it to be when someone is knocking on the door.  

Maybe a little crowning ‘meet the moment’ for Lawson, before hopefully a debut not too far away.” 

Cameron Ling on Travis Varcoe’s Hall of Fame Induction

Timestamp: 18:50 – 36:00

Cameron Ling: “Travis was one of the most incredibly selfless teammates that I ever played alongside throughout my career.  

The skill was on show and culminated in that 2011 Grand Final where there was skills galore, but every game Travis would come to me and ask how he could help.  

What did I need from him, could he help me with the opponent I was about to play on, it was always a focus for Travis to help his teammates be better and make their jobs easier, which is something I cherished about him.” 

Travis Varcoe on reflecting on the 2011 Grand Final

Timestamp: 29:15 – 33:00

Travis Varcoe: “Ken Hinkley put so much time in with me as a young fella, but those touch sessions that you do from a very young age and those little moments, you take bits and pieces that help you grow. 

“You go back to the drawing board every Monday morning, over time all the processes that you put in place result in the outcomes that you get.” 

“Luckily for me it came out on the biggest stage, one of my most satisfying goals but the bit that I love is the work behind the scenes that led to executing in that moment.” 

“That goal came late in the game, at a point where if it went any other way I probably wasn’t chasing all the way back to defence.”  


Cameron Ling and Meghan McDonald on Cats midseason review

Timestamp: 36:40 – 52:00

Cameron Ling: “It has been a good start to the season, I know it doesn’t feel quite the same because of the recent form but still the position the Cats are in, inside the top eight ready to launch into the back half of the year, it’s been a really good start to the year.  

Tyson Stengle is in All-Australian contention, Max Holmes has been excellent too.” 

Meg McDonald: “Ollie Dempsey has been awesome as a breakout star, my appreciation for Jake Kolodjashnij is through the roof this year and I think he has been really solid this year.”  

Cameron Ling: “I think Jack Henry has reminded everyone of how good he is, after having some injury concerns last year and he is a damn good player.” 

“The Carlton game was my most enjoyable day of footy for the year, the Adelaide win was great over there.” 

“The second half of the year I would like to see us make it hard for teams to escape our forward line, and let our strong group of small forwards go to work and impact the scoreboard.” 

“Try to create this chaotic, high energy game in the forward life which opens up so many opportunities.”