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Welcome to the official Cats fantasy league!

Mitch Broughton  March 24, 2016 4:29 PM

Tom Hawkins has joined the official fantasy league for 2016.

Tom Hawkins has joined the official fantasy league for 2016.

Introducing the official Fantasy League!

Friends will become foes, team mates will turn and the Cats Media office will become the most hostile of work environments as coaches from everywhere fight it out for the inaugural premiership.

We’ve assembled a cast of characters for the 2016 season that is so good you won’t bother watching the real thing – the best game in town is right here in fantasy land.

Each week we’ll bring you the latest news and results from all of our matchups, as well as a few extras thrown in between. We’ll even give you the chance to win your way through to the league in 2017. But first off, let’s introduce our coaches!


Arguably the headline act though not necessarily the team to beat, Hawk is thrilled with his new “celebrity player status”. A relative newcomer in fantasy, we’re not sure how he’ll fare but the big man won’t go down without a fight. Don’t forget to add him to your own league!


The self-proclaimed premiership favourite, Menz is not only an acclaimed junior coach but has solid fantasy credentials. Looms as the type of bloke who knows something you don’t.

Mitch Duncan – DUNCAROOS

Late to the party as one of the last to join the league, so let’s hope he doesn’t miss any lockouts this year. He’s the type of player that’s fantasy gold, but will that translate to his own side this year?

Jackson Thurlow – THURLS THUMPERS

Unfortunately does have the time on his hands to give the flag a real tilt, but seems more than accomplished as a fantasy coach even without those hours now free for research and number crunching. Has too good a relationship with The Traders for our liking too.


Seemed nervous when asked if he wanted to be a part of the league for 2016. This could be a sign he’s got no idea or that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing who could be a genuine threat. We’ll go with the former until proven otherwise.

Sean Sowerby (Channel Seven) – PORT PHILLIP PRAWNS

Sowers has the advantage of access to all clubs – not just one – and as much as we’d like to think Geelong is the centre of the fantasy universe, you need players from across the board to be in the hunt. Hopefully spends too much time in make up on a Friday night to set his team before lockout.

Warnie (The Traders) – WARNE DAWGS

Roy (The Traders) – DESTROY

Calvin (The Traders) – CALVINATOR

The three doyens of AFL Fantasy, we are both privileged and nervous to have them in our league. The three Tasmanians have quite literally written the book on fantasy football and are going to enjoy putting up the points against some Cats who talk a big game.

Tom Peeters (Cats Media) – PEETERING OUT

The head of Cats Media says he quite literally threw his team together with names out of a hat. Let’s just hope they’re not the right ones. Has a few grudge matches lined up throughout the year that he’ll no doubt lift for.

Mitch Broughton (Cats Media) – COUSIN GREG

A fantasy stalwart and tactical mastermind who is most certainly not writing this article as we speak. Will act as commissioner and coach for the league which could easily be classed as a conflict of interest.

Grant Kurzman (Cats Media) – LARA LARKS FC

The man behind the lens for Cats Media sits at number 35 on IMDB’s most famous Geelong identities making him the only name big enough to rival Hawk. Certainly the most excited coach ahead of the 2016 season and will no doubt have a few points of difference in his side that could pay off.

Lily Mithen (local women’s footballer) – LILY’S LEGENDS

The Joel Selwood of Geelong women’s football and daughter of former Richmond board member Anthony, Lily jumped at the chance to bring a bit of “girl power” to the league. You’ll remember the name from her performances in the real stuff and fantasy this year.

Sarah Scott (AFL Barwon) – SCOTTYSSTARS

If Lily is the Joel Selwood then Sarah is the Steve Hocking. Scotty is an impressive an administrator who is perfectly placed to make a real play for the flag and will have the entirety of AFL Barwon in her corner throughout the season.

Official League – round one

Warne Dawgs vs. Lara Larks FC
destROY vs. ScottysStars
Calvinator vs. Lily's Legends
Team Tommahawk vs. Clubber Lang
Boys against Menz vs. Port Phillip Prawns
Cousin Greg vs. Peetering Out

Don’t forget to join the Geelong Cats verified league for your chance to win prizes and a spot in next year’s official League. Use league code FSEEW55F to play.