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Mitch Broughton  February 23, 2016 9:49 AM

2016 Pre-season: Tom Hawkins Cats forward Tom Hawkins speaks to Cats TV about his preparations for this season and who's impressed him on the track
Tom Hawkins has trimmed down in a bid to play futher up the ground this season.

Tom Hawkins has trimmed down in a bid to play futher up the ground this season.

Like many of his Geelong teammates, key forward Tom Hawkins has enjoyed the best pre-season of his career.

The 27-year-old has worked himself into sensational condition over the summer having completed near on every session as he tries to stay ahead of the game.

“I think as the game continues to evolve as it does and clubs try different ways of playing, you as a player – and particularly more as a power forward, I’ve had to adapt over the years,” Hawkins said.

“This year I’ve tried to fine down, with the interchange cap going to ninety rotations, it probably means I spend more time on the ground and less time on the bench.”

A hulking forward with huge presence in the Geelong forward line, Hawkins has spent his summer months focusing on somewhat of a body transformation which he hopes will enable him to move further up the ground.

“Yeah it’s fair to say I have dropped a little bit of weight compared to what I was carrying last year so I’m feeling really good and confident and looking forward to NAB Challenge,” the four-time Cats leading goal scorer said.

“The ability for me to be able to cover more ground more often is probably really important moving forward.”

“That’s probably something that myself and Chris Dennis – our strength and conditioning coach – have worked on a lot more over the pre-season is mobility to be able to get off the mark quicker. And then probably my repeat efforts, my agility and speed over that sort of zero to twenty, thirty metres has really improved.”

Whilst Hawkins himself is in great condition, the emerging leader says he is more than impressed with how the playing list as a whole has attacked the pre-season campaign.

“I’ve been really pleased personally with how my pre-season has tracked but more importantly the group development that we’ve got has been fantastic.”

“But you know, you train for two and a half to three months and condition yourself and it’s about this time of year that you just really want to start playing games.”

The Cats will play their first NAB Challenge match on Friday 26th February at 7:10pm at Simonds Stadium. Entry is free for members.

For the full interview with Tom Hawkins, click the video at the top of the page.