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Plugger pumps up Stevie J

AFL legend Tony Lockett has singled out Steve Johnson as one of his favourite players

1:56pm  Jun 30, 2015

Kolo gets the boss's backing

Chris Scott praises the debut of Jake Kolodjashnij in the latest episode of Tweet The Coach

12:27pm  Jun 30, 2015

No Danger speculation from Scott

Cats coach Chris Scott won't add fuel to the Patrick Dangerfield fire ahead of Sunday's game

11:29am  Jun 30, 2015

5 Great Games: Cats v Crows

Relive some classic contests between Geelong and Adelaide

3:53pm  Jun 29, 2015

Mighty Monday: Post-bye

Fire up for the second half of the season with the latest edition of Mighty Monday

12:20pm  Jun 29, 2015


Preseason: Jackson Thurlow

Jackson Thurlow chats about his first preseason with the Cats

January 17, 2013  3:14 PM

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2:53pm Jun 29, 2015

Cats complete Gatorade challenges

12:03pm Jun 29, 2015

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3:41pm Jun 23, 2015

PodCats (Ep 13)

12:21pm Jun 22, 2015

Players' View: Lonergan (R12)

8:27pm Jun 21, 2015

Players' View: Stokes (R12)

8:21pm Jun 21, 2015

Chris Scott post-match (R12)

8:17pm Jun 21, 2015

Cats v Dees highlights (R12)

8:15pm Jun 21, 2015

Lang goes bang (R12)

5:10pm Jun 21, 2015

Ask Boris

4:31pm Jun 19, 2015