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VFLW: Purcell and Van De Heuvel return

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Olivia Purcell will play her first VFLW game of the season on Sunday. - Geelong Cats,Sophie Van De Heuvel,Olivia Purcell
Olivia Purcell will play her first VFLW game of the season on Sunday.

Olivia Purcell and Sophie van De Heuvel will make their first appearance for the Bendigo Bank Cats this season against the Western Bulldogs on Sunday.

The match will be held at VU Whitten Oval with the first bounce at 11.30am.

Joining Purcell and van De Heuvel in this week’s team is Rebecca Pearce who returns from injury.

Out for the Cats are Danielle Orr, Breanna Beckley and Harriet Row.

The men’s round nine VFL clash against Footscray will follow at 2pm.


You can listen to both matches live via

VFLW Round Four Team

B: 49. E Ramsay, 44. R Goring, 11. J Woollett
HB: 20. R Pearce, 4. C Blakeway, 28. D Taylor
C: 3. A McDonald, 5. J Ivey, 10. G Rankin
HF: 16. O Purcell, 26. M Boyd, 27. S Van De Heuvel
F: 43. M Maguire, 8. K Darby, 9. T Love
R: 1. R Caris, 21. R Webster, 45. M Keryk
INT: 7. R Benham, 41. A Haigh, 35. L Lesosky-Hay, 34. M Skinner, 33. Z Inei, 47. D Smith, 15. G Deller, 48. M Fedele

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