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Phoebe's Story: Week 15

Phoebe McWilliams in action against Fremantle. - Geelong Cats,Phoebe McWilliams
Phoebe McWilliams in action against Fremantle.

Some games you head into them feeling like you’re going to have a shocker. You might feel a bit tired, sore, maybe you have had a bad sleep or you’re feeling a bit nervous.

Then you end up playing a blinder!

Some games you feel like it’s going to be your day. Your body feels fresh, you’re switched on and you have so much energy you’re jumping out of your skin.

But things don’t go to plan.

That was me last Saturday, I woke up ready to go. The sun was shining, we were playing at home and the game was starting at 2.35pm - footy time.

2.35pm is a great time for footy. It reminds me of when I grew up watching AFL games, they’d all start around 2pm. And when I first started playing footy all our games would start at 2pm. It felt familiar and comfortable.

When I got to the ground my teammates seemed to be in the same frame of mind. Everyone was full of energy, having a laugh and the skills were looking great.

The game started that way. We kicked the first goal thanks to a front and centre from the third tallest player on our team Kate Darby. Then Mia-Rae kicked a second goal just before half time to go into the long break one-point down.

Nothing changed during the half-time break, well nothing that I am aware of. We went back out on the ground with the same mindset that we did in the first half, but the game went in the opposite direction.

Freo played smart, attacking and quick footy and they outplayed us. Despite it being a close match for three quarters, the score blew out in the final quarter and the group was very disappointed with the outcome.

Despite the disappointment of the result it was unbelievably wonderful to see our supporters stick around after the game and cheer us off the field. It made a bad day so much better knowing that our fans had stuck with us through thick and thin. I know the girls appreciated it a lot.

Hoody told us after the game that we were only to dwell on the loss for half an hour after the game. Once that half an hour was over we need to move onto next week.

Even though that’s the plan I know I will be taking on things from last week’s game into our must win match this weekend against GWS.

I’ll be thinking about what I did to wake up feeling good, I’ll think about what I can do to make sure everyone is up and about at half time and most importantly I’ll be thinking about all our supporters cheering us off the ground after the game last weekend. I’ll be playing for them.

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