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A numbers game

Brad Ottens' number 6 will be available in 2019. - Geelong Cats
Brad Ottens' number 6 will be available in 2019.

The Cats' list has seen plenty of movement this off-season with three players traded out, eight players delisted and four Cats brought into the club.

There are plenty of jumper numbers that will find new homes in 2019 - we've delved into the history of those available.

Available Numbers: 6, 10, 15, 20, 21, 23, 28, 30, 33, 36, 40

Number 6

Most recently worn by Lincoln McCarthy. The number six guernsey has seen plenty of recent success, with three-time premiership ruckman Brad Ottens donning the jumper during the Cats' premiership run. Eleven players have played more than 100 games in the number six. Club legends Cliff Rankin, Peter Pianto, Stewart Lord and Gary Malarkey all wore the prized guernsey.

Number 10

Most recently worn by Daniel Menzel. The number 10 guernsey has been a bit unlucky of late, with the last six players to wear it playing an average of 45 games. Dick Grigg has played the most games in the number 10 with 194, with club legend and premiership captain Fred Flanagan playing 163 games and kicking 182 goals in the jumper.

Number 15

Most recently worn by Matthew Hayball. The last three players to don the number 15 have averaged 10 games each. Peter Riccardi played all of his 288 games in the number 15, while Terry Farman and Edward Stevenson all played more than 100 games in the guernsey.

Number 20

Most recently worn by Ryan Gardner. The first Brownlow Medallist, Edward 'Carji' Greeves, wore the number 20 guernsey in his 124 games. Since then only two players have played more than 100 games with Ray Card playing 110 games and three-time premiership player Steve Johnson playing 253 games.

Number 21

Most recently worn by Jordan Murdoch. The last four recipients of the number 21 have all gone on to play more than 100 games. Jordan Murdoch (108), Cameron Mooney (210), Michael Mansfield (181) and Mark Yeates (154). 1952 premiership player Geoff Williams wore the number 21 in his 121 games at the club. Other club legends Stan Thomas, Les Hardiman and Joe Sellwood have all worn the 21.

Number 23

Most recently worn by Aaron Black. We have seen three legendary goal kickers don the number 23. Norm Glenister (124 games, 262 goals), Doug Wade (208 games, 834 goals) and Larry Donohue (105 games, 339 goals) all wore the guernsey. Liam Pickering is the most recent player to play 100 games in the guernsey.

Number 28

Most recently worn by Cory Gregson. Tim Darcy is the most recent player to play 100+ games in the guernsey, while legend Neil Tresize played 185 games and kicked 272 goals in the number 28.

Number 30

Most recently worn by Timm House. The number 30 was made famous by the Scarlett family. John Scarlett played 183 games in the guernsey, before son Matthew claimed three premierships, a best and fairest and 283 games in the jumper. Other players to wear the number on their backs are Joe Slater, Dick Grigg, Tom Arklay, Brian Brushfield, Peter Featherby and Damian Bourke.

Number 33

Most recently worn by George Horlin-Smith. Bruce Nankervis made the jumper famous in his 253 games for the club. Max Rooke played in two premierships in the guernsey, with Rooke and Nankervis the only two to play more than 100 games with the number on their back.

Number 36

Most recently worn by Stewart Crameri. Tony Polinelli is the only player to play more than 100 games in the 36, as he went on to play 138 games. Former captain Ben Graham started his career in the 36, before making his name in the number 7.

Number 40

Most recently worn by Jackson Thurlow. Ian Nankervis sits second on the all-time games list for Geelong with 325 games, playing all of them in the number 40. More recently, David Wojcinski played in three premierships in the number 40.

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