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Courageous Kreuger's Football Mentor

Kreuger a Cat Get to know the newest addition to the cattery - Nathan Kreuger

NEW Cat Nathan Kreuger isn’t struggling to find references to support his footballing talent.

Two-time premiership winning Crow Andrew McLeod has glowingly endorsed Geelong’s decision to bring in the 19-year-old SANFL talent.

McLeod penned a column for highlighting Kreuger’s footballing ability.

“For such a big bloke, Nath’s quite quick and agile. He can play anywhere — both key positions, forward, half-back and on the wing as well,” McLeod wrote.

“He’s courageous too, often jumping into a pack without fear and I know it puts the wind up his dad watching his boy jumping back into a pack the way he does.”

Geelong fans can expect some showmanship from the 196cm Cat.

“He’s got a long left-foot kick and loves a celebration when he kicks a goal,” the article said.

“I think Nath will fit in very nicely with the Geelong boys. He’s got some of the territory boys in Nakia Cockatoo and Brandan Parfitt there with him — their dads played footy with Nath’s dad.

McLeod has a long history with Kreuger and his family.

“His dad Jamie and I played footy together at the Darwin Buffaloes in the Northern Territory before I left to pursue my own career,” McLeod said.

“Although distance separated us for some time while I was playing at Adelaide, when they moved to down to South Australia we reconnected and our families became close.

“My son became great mates with Nath which has been a huge part of my involvement with him — they’re thick as thieves together.

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