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Ablett speaks about new number

Gary Ablett Jnr will don the number four in 2018 after the Cats announced new jumper numbers on Friday at GMHBA Stadium.

Writing on his website, Ablett said he had enjoyed his first few weeks at the club.

“It’s been an exciting time returning to where it all began.” Ablett wrote.

“I’ve really enjoyed settling back in these last few weeks, rekindling old friendships with of course, plenty of familiar faces.”

Ablett said he had returned early to the club to get a headstart on his 17th preseason.

“While my “official” return to the Cats was meant to be the 4th of December (when the rest of the club’s five-year plus players commence pre-season training) I’ve enjoyed returning early to advance my conditioning prior to the pre-Christmas break. “

“I’ve also really enjoyed training alongside the younger boys and getting to know them.”

Ablett said that the decision to take the number four jumper was made after much consultation with family and friends.

“While many were quick to rightly presume that I’d be pursuing number 11 (the number my father and I both wore during our junior days at the Cats) there are in fact a number of reasons why I chose to don number four ahead of my 17th season in the AFL. “

“However, the main reason being of course, my friendship with Andrew Mackie.

“‘Mack’ is a really good mate of mine and someone that I have a great deal of respect for.

“I absolutely loved and admired the way he went about his footy throughout his incredible career and I thought it’d be nice to be able to carry that number on for him.

Ablett said he’d already been welcomed into the single number clique at the Cats.

“Brandan Parfitt (#3) and Nakia Cockatoo (#5) have welcomed me into their little area of their locker room. Zach Tuohy (#2) was also quick to reaffirm to me that I had made a great choice!”


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