Chris Scott on… Patrick Dangerfield

We think (he’ll play).

We would like to see this session today, especially but our plans have been pretty conservative in terms of injury management. It's more been around getting enough work into Patrick, which he was denied earlier in the year.

But every indication is that he'll be ready to go.  I think it's exciting that it looks as if Dustin Martin's back and Paddy Dangerfield's back. I hope they get to play on each other a bit.

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Cameron & Scott Press Conference | Round 15

Jeremy Cameron joined Chris Scott in this weeks press conference. Presented by Morris.

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Chris Scott on… Shaun Higgins 

Shaun Higgins will play VFL this week.

It was a bit of an unusual situation last week for us. Again, I don't want to overplay it, but we took Shaun with us as a traveling emergency on the basis that he'd done a lot of work and was available to play if something unforeseen happened over in Perth.

But we also had a bit of a skeleton staff, a few of our key people were missing and Shaun, who is such an experienced guy who plays an important role around our coaching and our program off-field -  we decided that that dual role for him was more important than him playing the VFL.

So that's delayed him a little. But as we've been quite upfront with, with a few of those guys, we think that less footy is better for them so that when they do play they're ready to play at their absolute best.

Chris Scott on… Richmond’s Strengths 

Their form's good and I think they've always been a really good defensive team.

I'm not exactly sure how other people rate them, but in my mind, it's been the cornerstone of their game. But it's not just their defense, one of the things that I admire about the way they play is the interaction between the various components of the game. They all complement each other, and that might sound obvious, but a lot of people don't talk about the game that way.

All of their parts fit really well together.

I can come up with 15 [more] reasons why I admire them, but the one that I keep going back to is that they probably had the best player in the competition retire prematurely. He went out and they just rolled on, their system was that good. It's a credit to them.

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Chris Scott | AFL 360

Chris Scott joined Port Adelaide Coach Ken Hinkley on AFL 360 this week.

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Chris Scott on… Jeremy Cameron 

When he first arrived and seeing.. it wasn't even the full-blown training, it was just the mucking around with the ball pre-training that made my eyes pop out of my head.

Occasionally I ask him what's going through his mind and he's been a really good influence on me in that sometimes simplicity rules and he's clearly got such a good technique

I think it's a good lesson for all the younger players. When you work hard on your technique and the basics, you get to a stage where you can just act more on instinct. There's no point being a really instinctive player if your technique's poor.

If I was standing the mark 49 meters out on the boundary and the guy with the ball turned his body to kick a snap, I would have laughed at him.

But no one laughs at Jezz.