Chris Scott on… Potential Ins

Potentially Rhys Stanley and, I think, Gary Rohan will play. I think there's even more certainty around that. So I think those two are likely.

But really the bulk of those guys that are missing at the moment are a post-bye proposition. 

There's a big cohort of them, and we just need to think through exactly how we re-introduce those guys. Quite a few of them would be ok to play next week when we have a bye so they'll be jumping out of their skin, so the quandary for us is with four, five, six guys available, bringing them all back at once does present a challenge for cohesion. 

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Scott Press Conference | Round 12

Chris Scott speaks to the media ahead of Geelong's Round 12 clash with the Bulldogs. Proudly Presented by Morris.

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Chris Scott on… Where the Cats are at

Where do we think we sit in that big muddle of teams? It's very hard to say. 

We've got enough evidence over the last six weeks that if we play well we're going to be a handful for virtually every team but we have patches where we let ourselves down a little bit, and we're very open to being beaten. 

I think that's driving us a bit at the moment. What are we, 7-4? I look at our last half of the year and see some good teams in our fixture. To be honest, I try not to look at that too much and focus on how good we can get our footy. 

We're still of the view that we are building and if we can get it to a really high level our ambition is to get to a point where we're just playing such good footy that the quirks of the draw, and injury here or there, shouldn't trouble us too much. 

Chris Scott on… the Stewart/De Koning relationship

I think Tom has been really good for Sam. 

The other guys as well, but in particular, Tom, because it wasn't that long ago that Tom was playing local footy here in Geelong.

He's had a different path into the AFL to Sam but I think there's a bit of empathy there because a young guy coming in naturally has few doubts and I think it's really easy for him to speak intelligently about the doubts he had coming in and how he overcame them. 

Chris Scott on… The Dogs at Marvel

I think it's true of the Bulldogs generally, especially at Marvel, because they have so much talent through their midfield they back that talent in and they try to use the ball. 

They're not a bang-it on the boot team, they try to use their numbers and play with speed.

To simplify, the game is always the same, you're trying to turn the opposition over straight away or make them go slow so you can get set behind the ball. 

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Bews Press Conference | Round 12

Jed Bews speaks to the media ahead of Geelong's Round 12 match against the Bulldogs. Proudly Presented by Ford Australia.

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So if [Aaron] Naughton gets really penetrating ball use with time and space he's going to be a handful for any team defence, and then on the other side, we do think about trying to force them to defend with a bit of speed on the ball but they're pretty good at getting back, so it's one of those things. 

You watch on TV and you think you should just move the ball quicker but we're not going to move the ball really quickly into a position where we're outnumbered by two or three. 

Therein lies the balance.