Chris Scott on… Patrick Dangerfield

When I reflect over the last couple of years, we just haven’t had him firing towards the end of the season and so, if we’re going to over-index on taking a bit of short-term pain to have him in the best shape possible at the end of the year – and that may well cost us along the way - in my opinion, that’s a better approach for us to take with him.

Given there are two games before the bye, we can use that extra week, which is probably more than he needs, in reality.

We think that’s going to have him in the best shape to have a really good run at the last couple of months of the season.

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Scott Press Conference | Round 11

Chris Scott speaks to the media ahead of Geelong's Round 11 clash with the Crows

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Chris Scott on… Quinton Narkle & Rhys Stanley availability

They're not certainties yet but I would assume that they're likely, but that is an assumption. 

And then we've had some really good performances at VFL level. We are a bit thin in terms of our overall numbers, we had a few weeks at VFL level where we haven't had many listed players play but those that have played, have played well.

Chris Scott on… Toby Conway’s development 

He's our first pick for a good reason.

He earnt his spot as a first round selection and did everything through the pre-season that we could have hoped of him. Unfortunately, we just had some injury issues at the start of the season which prevented him from playing.

If we actually said we're going to hold Toby back for a year or two to make sure that when he plays AFL footy in maybe year three, that he just plays uninterrupted for the next 10 years, I'd take that.  

But we're looking for that combination of selective AFL exposure. I'm confident that Toby will get his chance to play AFL footy relatively quickly but we're not just going to throw him in and leave him there for years on end and have him less resilient than he could have been otherwise. 

Chris Scott on… Sam Menegola’s return

He's a chance next week.

It's been really frustrating for Sam because if you saw the way he's training, he's in supreme condition and he's doing 95% of the work, but there's just five percent of what he needs to do in a game that's still giving him some pain.

The medical staff are confident this will turn around pretty quickly. 

This is more like what we expected after the surgery back in November but he just made such rapid progress that we thought that he might be way ahead and maybe that was a false dawn, we should have been a little more tempered in terms of our expectations. 

The good news is he's running as well as he ever has, which is pretty well. So we think he'll hit the ground running when he does come in and play some footy.