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Help fill in the gaps

Cats Media  June 12, 2018 9:45 AM

 - Geelong Cats

You may have noticed there’s something missing from our club logo right now.

This is not a mistake, we’ve removed A and O temporarily in partnership with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service as part of the International Missing Type campaign in support of blood donation.

We’re proud to be part of this important international movement, which involves 30 countries, 26 blood services and hundreds of organisations across the world.

Why remove A and O? They are the two of three letters (A, O and B) that make up the different blood types and right now, there aren’t enough people in Australia signing up to donate their type for the first time.

In the time it takes to play a quarter of football, 75 blood donations will be needed in Australia. That’s one every 24 seconds, or 25,000 every week.

The Blood Service needs 100,000 new blood donors in the next year to help save or improve the lives of patients in need.

That’s why we’re rallying to help them get the attention of our fans with the hopes of turning some of them into blood donors. Donating only takes an hour and can save up to three lives.

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