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Gaz loves new facilities

Adam McNicol  November 13, 2017 11:51 AM

Ablett: 'I missed the Cats fans' Cats Media chats to Gary Ablett about his returm, family and more in an exclusive interview
Gary Ablett at GMHBA Stadium - Gary Ablett,Geelong Cats

Gary Ablett at GMHBA Stadium

So much has changed at GMHBA Stadium since Gary Ablett last played for the Cats.

And the returning superstar has found himself marvelling at the impressive football department facilities, located within the new Charles Brownlow Stand, now enjoyed by the players and coaches.

"It's changed so much, it really has," Ablett told Cats Media.

"I was trying to work out the other day, when I was walking around, where everything used to be.

"It is a really good setup down here.

"Going across [to the USA] and seeing some of the NBA teams' facilities, there's not really a huge difference.

"This is fantastic. It's got everything you need.

"I'm sure it's something I'm going to enjoy a lot over the pre-season."