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Danger adamant Cats will stand tall against Swans

Adam McNicol  September 10, 2017 11:56 AM

Patrick Dangerfield was below his best against the Tigers but has pledged to bounce back

Patrick Dangerfield was below his best against the Tigers but has pledged to bounce back

Patrick Dangerfield is supremely confident that the Cats can rediscover their best form against the Swans on Friday night and keep their premiership hopes alive.

Geelong, which is coming off a qualifying final loss to Richmond, will take on Sydney in a knock-out semi-final at the MCG.

Writing in his weekly News Limited column, Dangerfield said: "In the end we got what we deserved with the way that we played [against Richmond], but that doesn’t mean it can’t change and we all know that it can change quickly.

"If the Western Bulldogs taught us anything last year it’s that anything is possible.

"The equation stays the same for us, we still have to win three games and all we’ve done now is add in an extra game.

"We have a second chance, we’re still breathing and the sun still came up yesterday morning."

Dangerfield is conscious that the Cats will now be written off, but he's not worried about that at all.

"The outside noise is going to be along the lines of Geelong’s season is done, they’re overrated, write them off now; whatever people choose to say it just doesn’t matter to us.

"What happens inside the club is what really matters and the focus will be on how we respond.

It’s going to be a great learning curve for all of us, not just the younger players but I’ve got complete confidence in our ability to bounce back."

Dangerfield was keen to point out that senior coach Chris Scott was level-headed and positive in the wake of the loss to the Tigers.

"The post-game meeting with Chris Scott wasn’t the rev up people might expect," Dangerfield wrote.

"We hadn’t executed the way we wanted or performed how we’d liked but the only thing now was to get on with making sure it didn’t happen again.

"'What are we actually going to do to change that?'

"That was the question we were asking each other.

"There will be a review of the game but it’s crucial that we move on quickly and focus on what we need to achieve next Friday night."