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Ava, Maylin, Preston, Valma and Phil Singer at the recent open training session at Simonds Stadium

There were many passionate Cats members at the recent open training session at Simonds Stadium.

But it's doubtful that any of them travelled further for the event than the Singer family.

Maylin Singer and her children Preston and Ava drove down from Canberra to see the boys in action and snare an autograph or two.

"We've made a bit of an effort to come here," Maylin said with a grin.

Maylin's mother-in-law, Valma Singer, who lives in Victoria, was in the stands as well.

Valma was happily reliving her years in the Geelong cheer squad in the 1960s.

"Sitting in the grandstand behind the goals and watching Doug Wade kick goals was my favourite thing about those days," Valma said.

"I used to take a tin of ball bearings and rattle them.

"If Doug Wade kicked a goal you had to make a racket!"

Valma's son, and Maylin's husband, Paul Singer, was disappointed to miss the training session.

Paul, who is the Deputy Official Secretary to Governor-General Peter Cosgrove, was unable to attend due to being away on official duties.

But Peter, Maylin, Preston and Ava never miss a Cats game in Canberra.

"We all have the Cats fever!," Maylin joked.