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Matt Thompson and Travis King - AFL Media  March 16, 2017 9:38 PM

AFL Commission Chairman Richard Goyder and CEO Gillon McLachlan on Thursday

AFL Commission Chairman Richard Goyder and CEO Gillon McLachlan on Thursday

THERE is still no decision on the start time for this year's Grand Final, with discussion on a twilight game continuing. 

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan fronted a news conference alongside incoming chairman Richard Goyder on Thursday, and revealed the topic wasn't discussed at this week's AFL Commission meeting. 

"I intended to speak to the Commission yesterday about that and I forgot, and that's the truth," McLachlan said.  

It's expected there will be a decision in the coming weeks, with the AFL executive to make a recommendation to the Commission. 

"We're confident where we go we'll get traction," McLachlan said.

"The Commission is happy where we are, but happy for progression at the right time.

"I said that (decision) would be prior to the start of the season, if it's a week later or not, but there needs to be a level of certainty and we'll deal with that in the next week or so."

Goyder's predecessor Mike Fitzpatrick openly preferred the traditional afternoon Grand Final timeslot, but the new chairman is reserving his opinion on the hotly debated topic.

"I'll wait until we get a recommendation from the executive and then we'll come up with an answer – which clearly I'll support," Goyder said.

McLachlan likened the debate to the long-running push to play football on Good Friday, which will happen for the first time this year when North Melbourne takes on the Western Bulldogs.

"The challenge in our roles is to make progress in our game but preserve the tradition, history and linkages," McLachlan said.

"Part of doing (that) is bringing people with you.

"I think there are still traditionalists who would like the game to stay the same.

"But there is an increasing amount of people who can see an opportunity in looking at a twilight Grand Final.

"There is broad acceptance, but not universal."