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Our Vision

Brian COOK - Chief Executive Officer

We want the Geelong Cats to be more than just a football club. Sure, what we do on the field is very important. After all, football is the reason we exist and winning premierships is what our club is all about. But we the Cats to be an organisation that changes the lives of all kinds of people for the better. We are strongly committed to this cause, and that is why more than 50,000 people have used the Deakin Cats community centre since it opened. Last year alone, we had 10,000 students through our programs and donated 10,000 items to those involved. In addition, our players and coaches devoted 3000 hours of their time to our community programs. By supporting the club at this crucial time, you will help ensure that the Cats can keep entertaining and supporting the Geelong community for decades to come.

Steve HOCKING - General Manager of Football

The mighty Cats have come a long way since the days when I was a player. From the days when we operated out of an old stadium that was rustic at best, we now pride ourselves on having some of the best facilities in the AFL. Among our key strengths is our sports science department, which supports our playing group in so many ways. We are proud to say that our sports science team is the best in the competition, and it will get better when the new Charles Brownlow Stand is opened in 2017. But we know that it needs to keep getting better to keep pace with our rivals. Your support can help us continue to attract the best people who work in this field and ensure they can work out of the best facilities possible.

Chris SCOTT - Senior Coach

The advent of free agency has moved the AFL into a new era. Players have more choice than ever and we need to be a club of choice. That means having facilities for our players and coaches that are on a par with the best in the competition. I can assure you that these things matter. The AFL has become a highly complex and technologically advanced competition and we must keep up. The facilities in the new Charles Brownlow Stand will be outstanding, but to make full use of them we need support from people like you. We not only need great buildings, but we need the best technology and the best people. I trust that you share in my vision to keep the mighty Cats at the top. 

Joel SELWOOD - Captain

As a club, Geelong already has so much going for it. There is the culture of inclusion, the location near the surf coast, a brilliant stadium that is a true home ground. But we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. The players know that, and that’s why we are pushing ourselves harder than ever on the training track. We are also working smarter, using the latest technology to analyse our performances and those of our opponents. That’s where you can help. Your support can help us find those tiny margins of improvement that matter in such an even competition. My teammates and I are passionate about the future of this club and I look forward to receiving your generous support now and into the future.

Justin REEVES - Chief Commercial Officer

Whilst every endeavour must be made to make sure a new stand provides our football department with the best facilities for our playing group, equally important is the experience for our members and fans. We are excited to fill the Charles Brownlow Stand up with passionate members and supporters and give them an experience never before seen at a Cats game. From our corporate hospitality suites and function rooms to the seat holder options in the new stand, we look forward to offering an experience like never before at a Cats home game.