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Q: The donation link takes me to an Australian Sports Foundation website, is this correct?

A: Yes, the ASF are assisting the Club to collect contributions towards the Our Ambition initiative. The ASF will pass on donations to the Club which will be applied to the Redevelopment of GMHBA Stadium. The ASF are an organisation that promotes tax deductible projects that will improve the health of our nation, build our communities, and strengthen our national sporting identity.


Q: How much should I donate?

A: Every gift is deeply valued. We invite all supporters to give a gift of significance according to their individual means.


Q: Is my contribution tax deductible?

A: Yes, your contribution to Our Ambition is 100% tax deductible.


Q: How will the Club recognise my donation?

A: All gifts are important to the Cats, and we believe it’s important that the Cats say thank you to all. All donors will receive a letter of thanks, signed by a Club representative. If a donor gives more than $250, their name will be recognised on a commemorative guernsey that will be worn by the players to celebrate the opening of the new facility.


Q: Will I receive a tax receipt that I can claim in my personal tax return?

A: Yes, upon processing your donation through the ASF portal you will receive an automated email with your tax receipt attached.


Q: What will my donation be used for?

A: Your donation will be used to help the Cats complete the Stage 4 Redevelopment of Simonds Stadium, the Charles Brownlow Stand on the Western wing of the Stadium.


Q: I live overseas and would like to donate, however, the Australian Sports Foundation website won’t let me use an international address. Can I still contribute?

A: Yes, absolutely. Please enter the Club’s postal address in the address field (PO Box 461, Geelong, Victoria, 3220) to proceed to the donation page. Your tax receipt will be emailed to you by the ASF.


Q: What will happen if we raise more money than is needed for this Project?

A: If we raise more money than is needed for this Project, we will hold those excess funds in the Club’s Geelong Cats Football & Heritage Foundation for use on future facilities and infrastructure upgrades.


Q: Can I donate using a cheque or over the phone?

A: Absolutely, please feel free to give the Club a call on 1300 462 287 where we can provide mail or alternate payment details.


Q: Do the Cats have a bequest program?

A: Yes, we really appreciate the members of our bequest program. If you would like some more information, please give the Club a call on 1300 462 287 where we can set up a chat, either over the phone or in person.


If you have another query that isn’t addressed in the FAQs above, please feel free to call the Club on 1300 462 287 or message us at