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Geelong now off the pace: Scott

Senior coach Chris Scott says the Cats are "clearly an average side" after they bowed out of the finals race with a big loss to Collingwood

12:40am  Aug 29, 2015

Talking Points: Cats def by Pies

AFL Media's Peter Ryan looks at the points of interest from Geelong's loss to Collingwood on Friday night

11:05pm  Aug 28, 2015

Menz stars but Cats beaten

Daniel Menzel kicked four goals in a brilliant comeback on Friday night, but Geelong was beaten by Collingwood and slipped out of finals contention

10:41pm  Aug 28, 2015

Our values & ethical framework

Geelong Cats ethical framework

Our aim is to recruit individuals who, like the rest of us will live and breathe our Club values. Our values are the strong beliefs and consistent behaviours of people in our organisation. They describe the way in which directors, staff and players of the Club behave, interact & work together and determine the culture of the Club.

In all of our endeavors both on and off the field we strive to stay true to our primary purpose;

“(we exist) to instill a sense of unity and pride among our Cats members and fans by providing a range of inspiring, exciting and entertaining football experiences”

We also remain consistently aware of how we go about our business. It is in our conviction to live and work according to our beliefs that we build and strengthen our culture. We call this our ethical framework. The Geelong Cats ethical framework is the foundation on which we stand. It is greater than the rules, laws and codes of the game to which we are bound because it is our choice and intention to do more than the basics. This is the ‘Geelong way’.

Our values are the strong beliefs, character traits and working relationships of people within our organization. They have been generated and vigorously debated within and they represent what we believe to be good and right. Those values are;

Respect for our Club, partners, communities and each other
Precision in every action and activity
Adventurous in mind and spirit
Conviction in our purpose and potential
Unity through inclusion
Commercial but considered

Our ethical framework also includes what we believe to be right and wrong – our principles. These principles guide us in our actions great and small, local and global. They remind us of our duties to and the rights of our members, the community, the game of AFL, and to each other. Examples of Geelong Cats working principles include;

  • A commitment to being elite without being elitist; we will be inclusive
  • Equal opportunity and a fair go for all; we respect diversity
  • Our wins will not be achieved at all costs or through compromising our beliefs. We will win cleanly through spirit, talent and discipline.
  • We will be fair and hard in our pursuit of ‘Good to Great’

The Club will remain accountable to the Geelong Cats ethical framework. Unlike a prescribed or static set of behaviours, the ethical framework provides us a guide to meet each challenge head on with good thinking and clear intentions.